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Damien Lovegrove is a photographer best known for his location and studio portraits of women. He finished taking on client commissions in 2018 and now concentrates on personal work, workshops, books and teaching videos.

Damien is based in the UK but travels the world in search of amazing locations to make pictures. He shares these global travels with likeminded photographers who crave beautiful life experiences on a Lovegrove adventure.

Dive into the galleries and immerse yourself in the many genres of Damien’s photography. Always easy on the eye and occasionally playful, his work reflects the energy that eminates from this creative and charismatic photographer. Here is a good place to start.

If you love what you see and are an aspiring photographer yourself then download a copy of Portraits. It’s Damien’s ‘how to’ masterwork Ebook.

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Course Introduction

by your tutor Damien Lovegrove

Exciting workshops and adventures for passionate photographers by Damien Lovegrove

Be inspired on an amazing photography trip where creativity, learning and fun come together in perfect harmony.

Have fun in the sun photographing beautiful people in beautiful places with likeminded photographers.

Do you want to see more of the world? To take beautiful photographs in beautiful places? Well, charge your camera battery and join me in photographers paradise.

Lovegrove Adventures workshops attract men and women from all over the world who have a creative heart and are keen to learn new skills. These are fabulous holidays celebrating photography, creating and capturing beautiful moments. The planning and preparation are always top-notch.

I’ll sort out all the details so that you can shoot, be inspired and relax.

Photography galleries featuring over 1000 high-resolution photographs

Inspiration, information, education & entertainment all in one beautiful collection of galleries. This was Damien’s plan when he set out to create this collection of galleries. Having written everything he knows about portrait photography in this superb E-book simply called PORTRAITS he decided to expand the reader’s knowledge with a look back to photographs taken in his earlier career. All the photographs in the portraits book were taken over a 7 year period, and all using APSC Fujifilm X series cameras. More recently Damien changed tack altogether and now shoots with a larger format GFX camera.

“This is a work in progress.” says Damien. “Eventually there will be captions, exif data and lighting notes for all the photographs. This task will take a long time to complete but I’m well under way and I like the fact that each photograph has it’s own URL, like this one, and can be linked to directly, so you can share an image and its data with someone else.”

“The big change my style in recent years has come from the fact that every shot I now take is with the camera on a tripod. My latest work illustrates this change exhibiting a tighter precision of framing and often shows a wider more detailed stage. I feel more comfortable with space around my subject and love what I call figure in the landscape images.”

I’m in Tuscany for more portraiture workshops This September. All the details are here.

Everything I know about shooting portraits in a masterwork eBook. Download your copy today from here.

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