When the Fujifilm X100 was first shown at Photokina 2010 in Cologne it stole the show and the hearts of every top professional photographer there. Here is a collection of 100 photographs taken by Damien Lovegrove using the X100. Please feel free to pin the shots to Pinterest or to an app like Moodboard Pro to use for ideas and inspiration.

Fujifilm X-100 CameraDamien’s thoughts on the retro Fujifilm X-100 camera

It all started with the Fujifilm X-100. It was sitting there in a glass case at Photokina in Cologne. It looked so retro and desirable that it became the star of the show. It was the start of the retro camera movement that has taken the industry by storm. I pre-ordered an X-100 straight away and integrated it into my SLR shooting from day one. I looked at the way I worked and took time to explore how best to shoot with the X-100 when it arrived. It has seen several updates, namely the X-100s, X-100T and X-100F but these have been built around the same lens, the 23mm f/2 pancake design with it’s integral shutter. The latest version of this camera is the X100F and sports a 24mp X-Trans sensor.